'allo! you've stumbled across frozen, erin's little corner of the world wide web!
this is a humble little collective of various bits of nerdery

discarded ;; trading card games
starry eyed ;; fanlistings

i'm erin! i'm 26 years old, a libra, and i love fandom and design
if you'd like, you can catch up with me on various social media

this collective was initially opened on september 12, 2015
it was originally hosted by mousey at fairy-fountain.net (thank you honey!)
the reason it was named frozen was because i liked the idea of how the url [frozen.fairy-fountain.net] could be read out loud: frozen fairy fountain. :,)
sadly ffn went down (good night sweet prince!) but i've managed to relocate

  • currently, i'm hosted by the gracious cami
  • this version of the site was designed by bloomotion, with tweaks by me